RYA Day Skipper Theory

RYA Day Skipper Theory

Study online to gain your RYA Day Skipper Theory Qualification. Our courses are engaging, get results and save you money. You can study any time, anywhere, moving backwards and forwards within and between lessons to ensure that you’ve fully grasped concepts and processes before moving on.

This online course is fully approved by the RYA for gaining your Day Skipper qualification.

Support from a highly experienced Yachtmaster Instructor is always on hand. You can ask questions from directly within a lesson.

Unlike older generation on-line training all our lessons are narrated because many people find it remarkably difficult to read instructions on-screen. Think about this. Would you rather participate in a lesson where the tutor remains silent and simply writes detailed instructions on the blackboard or one where the tutor talks about the subject and walks you through processes step by step, writing bullet points on the board?

Screen ShotWe use realistic 3D models to teach the collision regulations, buoyage and pilotage so you can see exactly how situations will appear from your vessel’s cockpit.

You can pause and replay lessons or parts of lessons and navigate backwards and forwards and within lessons using a graphical index of pages.

Exercises are presented in many different formats, not just multiple-choice questions, and you get immediate feedback including fully worked answers to the many exercises offered in the RYA course materials.

For your course fee you get

  • RYA Day Skipper Theory student pacck12 months Internet access to our RYA Day Skipper online training materials comprising 15 individual lessons, written exercises and multiple quizzes.
  • The ability to download lesson onto a PC, iPad or Android tablet so that you can study offline.
  • Fast email support from a highly experienced Yachtmaster Instructor and, if you really get stuck, phone support by way of a pre-arranged Skype call.
  • The RYA Day Skipper Course Pack comprising: The Day Skipper Course Handbook, Exercises & Course Information Booklet, 2 RYA Training Charts, a RYA Training Almanac, an online copy of US Chart 1 (symbols and abbreviations) which is a free Admiralty Chart 5011 substitute, and the RYA training chart-plotter for Windows PCs on CD.
  • The exams and, for successful students, a course completion certificate.

Your Day Skipper Course Pack will be mailed to you within 24 business hours of signing up by First Class mail or Airmail if you are overseas. It should arrive next day within the UK, within 3-4 days in Europe and around 5-7 days elsewhere. If you would prefer overseas courier delivery you can request it for an additional £35.

Try out a sample lesson or test yourself with our Day Skipper quiz.

You will need also need a chart-protractor and dividers, which we can provide for £21, 2B pencils a rubber and an A4 pad.

RYA Day Skipper Theory SyllabusKipper Sailing’s eLearning for RYA Day Skipper Theory comprises 15 online lessons, most of which have embedded practice questions or quizzes, and 15 associated exercises. Depending upon the depth of a topic the total time required to attend a lesson and complete the associated exercise is approximately 2-5 hours however you can rewind, pause and return to exactly the same position as many times as you wish.

RYA Theory Training running on iPad and AndroidKipper Sailing’s eLearning runs on pretty much everything and anything in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android devices including phones, although you might find the screen a little small on some phones. iPad and Android tablet users can download lessons to run without an Internet connection for example whilst commuting or at sea. See iSpring for iPad or iSpring for Android as appropriate.